Food of Light

In the year 2021, it has become clear to the Light side that the energy source of the Dark forces that effectively control this world is the energy of our dark thoughts.
From my point of view, the more I learn, the more I realize that the survival strategies of the Dark forces in this world are very clever, and from their point of view, they must feel that the Last Judgment will never happen.
However, the apocalypse is a strange thing, a system that starts when their forces have almost taken the world for themselves.
Perhaps it was for this purpose that Heaven had given the Shinlogy Association the system of icon seals, and it seems that they’ve been doing narrow demonstration tests for a while.
And at this point in time, having understood something, Heaven ordered me to create some kind of stickers that would be extensions of the icon seals, and would not require any words of command.

At the moment, there are seals for Food, Drink, Cooking, Water, Aroma, and Kaicho (President) of Shinlogy Association.

The role of each of them will be explained thematically in the future, however, it has been discovered that the current human beings are not only exposed to dark energy from cyberspace and accumulate dark energy in their microcosm, but also amplify the dark energy in their microcosm through food and drinks made with dark energy.

It has already been confirmed that Hikari (light)bread is created by heavenly guidance, and that it is possible to enhance human spirituality through food. Yet, it seems that the biological vibrations of human beings in this world are deteriorating at such a rapid rate that it is becoming impossible to cope with them with the knowledge we have so far.

The appetite of the present human race, together with its spiritual greed, has been used by the devil even in the religious knowledge of the past, but in this 21st century, it has also become generally known that the existence of Satanists, who sacrifice human children, is behind the history of the past to the present, and heaven must have decided that it could not be left unattended. In other words, we should change our daily food from the Dark to the Light. There are no self-righteous food taboos that come from the religious knowledge of the past.

In the past, the land of the Japanese archipelago belonged to the gods of the earth, known as Tenjin Chigi, and the food of Light was supplied through the interaction between the gods and human beings. However, as a result of the defeat in World War II, rapid economic growth, and the subsequent deflationary economy, the land became desolate and the earth, as an object of human greed, naturally lost its Light. But now, in the Japanese archipelago, a movement to restore that Light is about to begin.

The heavens have informed us that we should use the food seals that we have been given for that purpose.
It seems that foods that contain the energy of dark thoughts form dark thoughts in the minds of youth and even infants, rather than adults who have already been contaminated by those thoughts.

This means that a circuit is created in the minds of children to generate dark thoughts such as envy and jealousy.
Heaven has already learned that we are used as a source of dark energy through the act of eating, just as we are used as a source of desire information in cyberspace.

So, the time has come for us to realize that the battlefield against those who keep the earth under the control of dark forces is in the daily lives of ordinary Japanese people.

Testing of the stickers is still in progress, and there are many reports of clear taste changes, for example, when the food stickers are placed on plates of food in restaurants. By doing so, it can be presumed that there are vibrations in food, and that the human sense of taste is a sensor of those vibrations, and humans will encounter knowledge of light vibrations that they did not know before.




March 25, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo









IconSeal (ikon shīru)   の注釈そのうち追記予定