Even if you fall into the dark side (Vol.220)


The realm of the spiritual world seems to have a kind of calendar that is linked to the numbers on the side of this world.  In this year 2011, for example, the number January 23 had some significance, and so did this February 3. In that vein, it seems that preparations are underway to start something on February 11 and 13 this year.

Already in the real world, the ruling system centered on the United States, which has supported secular power in monotheistic cultures, is beginning to fray.

I have repeatedly said that the history since Perry’s Black Ships until today has been a series of events foretold by the forerunners of this country’s spiritual world since the end of the Edo period, and that the restoration and opening of this country in the true sense of the word has yet to be accomplished.

If things continue as they are, the country will not be able to escape the story of its disintegration as an American province until the very end.

The data from the spiritual world is that many of the people in this country, whom heaven was supposed to have prepared, have been exposed to the deep and dark anti-Christ attacks of this age before they awakened, and are stuck in a situation of mental illness and withdrawal.

The Bible gives a detailed warning in the book of Revelation about the interception system in the land to destroy the better souls.

If you think about the meaning of being born as a human being, in this age when the whole earth is covered with energy that destroys the better souls, and you dare to choose your parents to lead a life full of trials, there should be only one answer.

The reason I started this Shinlogy Association and disclosed almost the entire text of the “Final Knowledge” is that with this knowledge, anyone is capable of escaping from mental illness or withdrawn situation on their own.  You need to be awake properly in this era and direct ourselves in the vectors of social participation and success.  It is not an exaggeration to say that all the knowledge is already written there.

In fact, many of the regular members of the Shinlogy Association have experienced a revival from such a stagnant situation by studying Shinlogy, recognizing the causes of their own stumbling blocks correctly, and finally graduating from them.

The activities of the human spirit are pre-programmed to encounter the information of higher ones, repeating the ups and downs of the Light Side and the Dark Side.   This means that in order to reach the higher, you must also experience the lower.

As the saying goes, if the mountain is high, the valley is deep, and this leads to an increase in the physical load on the human body.

Some people may think that the idea of making the mountains low and the valleys shallow is the wisdom to cross the world safely, but it is only the wisdom of the ruler.
Life is short.

You need  awaken and learn how to move your soul to a higher dimension, and then go out into the field of real work. Otherwise, you will be a wanderer in this world without knowing what you were born for and without knowing where you are going at the time of death.

The worst would be the person who sold his soul and surrendered his body to something for immediate profit. He would live, but his soul would remain sealed somewhere in his body, taking responsibility for his sins.

Most Japanese people nowadays, especially the retired pensioners, are on this worst path.  This is because those who choose to live comfortably only while they are alive have abandoned the subject of their own birth.

Here’s a metaphor, “Like father, like son.  Like son, like grandson.”

The law of cause and effect in the spiritual world, called ” the retributive justice of cause and effect,” which is not my favorite word, exists strictly.

Many people have already noticed that the period from 2011 to 2013 is a major turning point for the Spiritual world and for the planet and humanity. Think about why you are in contact with those information.

Even if you have fallen into the dark side, you will find that there are themes of life and existence to be learned at this moment.



February 4, 2011

Seki Tetsuo