The Final Knowledge (225)

Chapter Two

【The Mad Land】

(Web page 32/58, p73)
(Book page 184~185)


Energy existing in the spiritual world is visualized and verbalized in human consciousness. We are not able to know how those languages such as ancient Egyptian languages were pronounced. If ancient characters are deciphered in ordered to understand the meaning, it cannot go further. This is the limit of the human knowledge to know the past. However, in the spiritual world, the energy carrying the same meaning is translated into the language system unique to a person with the same meaning. I understand the energy of the beings in shin-kai (the god world) only within my language system.
Compared to that, my companion’s ability was to change the energy existing as otodama (soul of the sounds) into characters as it was. It was correct that the tradition that the language of shin-kai (the god world) was the Japanese syllabary of yamato-kotoba (old Japanese language). Again, the structure of the energy is automatically translated into any languages in human consciousness. Any traditional holy languages on the Earth have the diversity of meanings and a secret code. However, nobody needs to know the language in order to make contact with the spiritual world.
Visionaries in the past described the visions they saw with the words they knew. For example, in the era when there was no idea or concept of the Big Bang. How unknown information was described was left to a receiver in the time when there was no words to express it.
I will tell the words from gods as my companion wrote down according to the revelation. It is the proof of the existence of kotodama (soul of the words) in the spiritual world that told “The words exists first.” It is also the proof of the existence that sent the message. The divine being appearing through my companion always made contact frist and then sent messages in yamato-kotoba (old Japanese language). This rule had meaning. I also received the communication of the same energy. What I learned and what my companion wrote down were always verified. That was the way shin-gyo (god-work) was conducted. God proved threefold with my companion, myself, and the characters as a record. My companion knew that contact was actually made but could not know the contents. Even if she knew something on the spot, it was deleted from her consciousness. First, I could not understand why it had to be deleted. However, it meant something, and it was also the system.