The Final Knowledge (177)

Chapter Three
【The Beginning of the End】

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About the number of 5.6 billion and 70 million, I have a related explanation to the Bible which says to have many children, so that your descendants will live all over the earth. I wrote that the door of the Judgment would open or opened when the population of the Earth reached 5.6 billion and 70 million. Religions on the earth can be divided into two groups which are for and against metempsychosis. The former seems to be based on polytheism. The latter takes the position of monotheism. However, in Christianity, Catharism, which was considered to be heretical, had the doctrine of resurrection. The suppression and massacare to the Cathares by the crusade was denounced in the human world by the Cathares who collectively transmigrated in England and France in the 20th century.
The promise of transmigration was fulfilled. Buddha penetrated that those who did not know the disappearance went back to life, but the transmigration of the Cathares was made by their player. At their last moment, the Cathares accepted death because they believed in transmigration. Then they were allowed to inhabit the bodies on earth again in the appropriate time for the level of their souls. Those who are born in different places journey their inner world and encounter the souls of humans who used to be with. It is the story that god fullfils the promise. And souls transmigrate.
However, even for the transmigration of all the human beings on the Earth, the population growth of the Earth is far more rapid. Some have past lives but others do not. Some human-derived consciousness are allowed to advance to the next stage by discovering and reconstructing what they need to know and learn in their new lives, but others are abandoned on the earth. They are reprobated by both god and devil, and they stay in the human world. They never transmigrate. However, they can possess humans and act like the owners of the bodies. They do not belong to the chain of command of shin-kai (the god world) and ma-kai (the evil world). It is all up to them.
Needless to be told by god in the Bible, humans realized “have many children, so that your descendants will live all over the earth.” That phrase can also be taken as the fact that ancient god has given wake-mitama (child-spirit) to make all the humans on the earth be his own children and has tried to make the Kingdom. Or, it can be viewed as the prophecy that humans are annihilated by god like Noah’s Ark, as a result of “have many children, so that your descendants will live all over the earth.” Furthermore, it can be considered that humans are told to question the will and the existence of god when they live all over the earth. It means that humans face the primordial question of what is human, and what is god when they are all over the earth. Humans have filled the earth so that vessels of god or souls are prepared enough on the Earth. As the universe is not boundless, the total amount of energy of the spiritual world in the universe has limit. Because they are paired. I am taught that the number symbolically indicates the enough number of human beings to be able to absorb the total amount of energy of the spiritual world related to the Earth in this period. Microcosms exist equal to the number of human beings who are god’s children. It is no wonder that 5.6 billion and 70 million cosmic spaces in the spiritual world exist, and each universe is presided over by principal god.