The Final Knowledge (161)

Chapter Four
【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 368~371)

“The verse about Tetsuo Seki’s problem”
So ra mi shi na no na mi no ma ni
U tsu se ka e ri te shi ku ji ta ru
Ka e se yo na mi no mi ma ni ki e ta ru

Ma ki ka hi no ma ki ta ru sa ki no
Hi to tsu ho shi ka ke te yu ki ta ru na ga re ta ru
A ri se yo wa ko no mi no u chi ni

Yu ki fu ri te na tsu ko nu mo e gi
Sa shi mo shi na
To u mi no na e na gi fu ku ka ze ni
Yu ki no ma hi ta ru

To o ki ni mo ku yu ra mu
A sa ki shi no bi no mi wo ka e su no mo
Sa ki no ko e na ri
Mi mo ku re na i ni chi ri yu ku wo
Sa shi te mi ka ge no a ri ta ru wo
Mi wo ko na ni shi te chi so u ji ta ru
Mi mo a ru yu e ni ka ge ri ta ru

My companion wrote down the following message for me to supplement this verse.

Because god defines the human consciousness
it goes round and round
The origin power called “su
which has made this ground is in its center core

Here is the word “su” which is the information of the god world about Big Bang delivered by “Wanisaburo”. 23 It indicates that nothing is possible except going to the point of the origin. 24 That is the further abyss of ma-kai (the evil world).
Soon, the leading conscious being to guide there appeared in my companion.

July 15th 1993
O wa ri shi fu ne no
yu ku sa ki no …

That identified itself as “the daughter of ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness)”. My companion collapsed before writing down the following words. That was the end of one world. Only the image of a journey to nowhere remained like Noah’s Ark.