The Final Knowledge (151)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 344~345)

In this learning, the reason why gods of ancient Carthage and ancient gods of South America claimed human sacrifice was manifested. Another human being in the seat of human heart is given life with the light of the origin god.
Japanese Shinto has the knowledge that human beings are born with five-petaled chrysanthemum seat representing godhead. In Buddhism, it is known as the lotus position. The expression of aura which human beings radiate might be easier to understand, and ordinary human beings have it in the seat of the mind. Various kinds of thoughts and feelings created out of the mind were revitalized by this light in the past. When love heightens and deepens, human beings radiates a beautiful aura. When they are full of loathing, they radiated an evil aura. By that, ancient gods who claimed human sacrifice could make human wishes come true to some extent. The light dwells in an icon through a Shinto priest. How to use this energy must have been absolute secret. At least, this is not something that is left in writing. Only wake-mitama (child-spirit) in the hierarchy that can use that energy work as a shinto priest. That is because it is not a human being to use that ability but gods and the knowledge is useless at all. Human beings are always used and are the lamb of the gods.
The system of wake-mitama (child-spirit) of gods, in that sense, plays a role to blind human beings to their potential ability and to make them be lambs that do not think. However, this system is doomed to collapse by Buddha’s breakthrough of the boundary of the spiritual world, which is historically known.
Human beings delve deeper into physical potential with the human knowledge. And they try to use the energy of the spiritual world for their own purpose. The light data of Jesus’ god, “Amatsutsuki” teaches me so. God has to intervene.
It is the light of the ancient origin god, though. The energy is about to give out at the bottom of the darkness. If human beings unyoke themselves from gods and intend to approach god, the devil is planned to wait at the entrance of light.
Light is a little and dark energy to be handled is huge.
The devil is a conscious being that is programmed to turn human beings aiming for light toward darkness.
It is activated within a human being. With the human growth, the devil also resides in the mutual human network. It extends a spy network within the information system of a human body. As a result, it becomes a network throughout the whole Earth. An inner devil in each human being works freely and autonomously, though. The hierarchy of devils depends on the energy strength and so there is no originally decided order. They are intensely motivated to control everything and act as if they exist only for that.