The Final Knowledge (150)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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Thaumaturges and shamans with this kind of special ability have always been in some naive tribes living by foraging. This supernatural power has evolved for survival. A person who can call dolphins is reported in the South Pacific Ocean. In Australia, the ability to detect a person beyond the desert far ahead the sight is known. In South America, there is an inherited culture seeing the same vision in a group with using blue meanies. Those things indicate that physical potential other than normal five senses starts to work by focusing the consciousness on the object. It is the extension of the conscious area. It was made somewhat systematic into a kind of educational system, for example the knowledge of Indian yoga, to pursue the development of inner potential.
In addition to this, in China after the revolution, there was destruction of religious culture, and the traditional development method of supernatural in Buddhism and Taoism has changed its name to Qigong and become popular.
In the past human history, there have been few people who sense qi and consciously create it from the physical system. However, a form of know-how which has come down in the religious culture including its danger, dramatically leaked with a means to satisfy personal desire. Hundreds of millions of people have already started to function the sensor within the body to the point where they sense and radiate qi.
Of course, this sort of drain of the knowledge has continued over the past, and it has also been becoming common in business. It makes mind control a business. If it is neglected, the destruction will come again. In the image of understanding chakra, I was feeling the day of divine wrath. If it is left, the energy of human thoughts and feelings will destroy the Earth.
My body was altered like this. Seven chakras between two swords surfaced to the conscious mind as knowledge. Two swords were the image of the system to prevent the data of my altered chakras from leaking outside.
The chakra system in the human assumption that I have known is fundamentally different from the one given through the divine knowledge. Seven chakras are not placed from bottom to top, but the seat of the human being is in the chest and three each are above and below it. The existence that is the origin of the human soul in the chest is already inspired to ascend in order to know the self through life.


The revelation came to me with a new body.