The Final Knowledge (149)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 339~341)

Before this, Jung, who was a Freud’s pupil, recognized in his psychology that human mind has something like a tail from Jurassic period. More through his era rather than individuals with mental illness, Jung learned that forbidden mind darkness extended into the deep even after the hidden suppressed sexual codes were broken. That is the collective subconscious danger of human population.
Nazism was in front. Nazism only became successful when it had occult knowledge controlling human mind. As is well known, Schutzstaffel were Hitler’s personal army but they also considered themselves a group of black monks creating the millenium. Schutzstaffel in black went all the way to Tibet to look for genuin Aryan. The occult energy of Nazism controlling human consciousness was stolen from the secret of Tibetan Buddhism. One of them is the energy of chakra.
The chakra at the top of the head is essentially the seat connecting to a person’s master god or deities. However, when someone who do not understand the attribute of god and deities tries to approach, the circuit will be broken. Historically, many yoga disciplinants claimed that the overhead chakra opened. Did those people draw close to Buddha? Were they able to become deities? Unfortunately, they weren’t. They were just sent back to life again. I know that even Shankara went back to the human world. The human being can finally just become the master of their microcosm at the level where a thumb-size human being who begins to ascend from the seat of mind learns and is allowed to use those things. If they rightly realize even this knowledge of the microcosm, they will never be able to use it.
If you know the light side, you will also know the dark side. To ascend is preparation for learning to descend. That is to rightly come up to the consciousness. Human mind is making a journey in the microcosm like this. The extent of time and space in the microcosm used to be small. The seat of god and deities was assumed in the celestial sphere of the head, and the wisdom snake was ready to ascend in the tip of the tail. Now, the human being has to move forward, feeling the memory of the evolution of life over billions of years in the tip of the tail and visualizing the physical universe after a hundred and several tens of billions of years from Big Bang in the celestial sphere of the head. Chakra will no longer be awakened unless it is based on that knowledge. That is because human mind is a mirror to project the external world to the body.
Since there is a rule in the spiritual world, both the knowledge and the energy lead to nothing without sharing the cosmic view with each other. It will be understood that, if it is used paradoxically, this kind of energy will act in a dominant fashion in a cult group sharing the outlook on the universe, the view of the world, and the sense of values. It is natural to think that the same action will be performed in other people’s body if some effect is produced on the unconscious physical information system by consciously controlling the energy flowing into and out of chakra within their won body. That means that if it acts on the body, the consciousness of others can also be put under control. And naturally, the devil’s sensor has been placed in the chakra.
The devil can understand and check all the energy generated out of the human body. Spies are sent into the human body from the beginning. Originally, it belongs to the area of witchcraft to develop and use the potential capacity of the human body.