The Final Knowledge (142)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 324~326)


For the avoidance of misunderstanding, I will tell about what the devil of the spiritual world is like. It is part of god. The devil does not exist as itself. It can be said that it has been created as the antithesis of the god for a story by the god on the earth. There is a story of light and darkness.
It is the angel’s role to lead human beings to light. It is the devil’s role to throw human beings into the abyss of the darkness. It is the human knowledge that can not even distinguish between this devil derived from god and the evil spirit derived from the human world. The evil spirit that belongs to god can be removed only by god that has created it. Or, only the being with equal or higher ability of god’s creating the devil can do that. What is called the exorcist in the religion or what is recorded in the history only has expelled the evil spirits. The devil has no name. It is the same as god has no name. The deities have names. Likewise, the devils corresponding to the deities have names. The same hierarchy as in the god world exists in the evil world, and it seems to work as myriad of beings, but it is different from the god world in the point that it is only one pyramid.
The light area of the once-existing god world is lined with an infinite number of pyramids so that they can not even work together. The dark area has a command structure by only one power. If it networks over the darkness of human mind on this ground, it will mean to fight against the Earth that one human being fights against the devil. Actually, it is this kind of being that has ruled over the Earth. There is an existence that even this devil can not fight. That is ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). Ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) is not the king of the devils. But, it can be the general ruler of the energy field of the spiritual world of the Earth, including the god world of god and deities. It is the god that has lost its light and has turned into darkness. The devil is the being that should be called the fallen angel. It is of divinity. So, it can stay in light.  
At some stage, I was made to learn the devil’s system thoroughly. The network connects to almost all human beings, so there is no privacy. As a result, their weakness is harassed to the root. Nobody lives as a saint. Through their life of sin, the problem they stumble over leads to their deepest darkness. The secret of inner self that they do not want to be touched the most is exposed. Part of the human knowledge tells that those who try to get closer to god or to sacred knowledge are all tested by the devil. It can be called the devil’s temptation. Human beings live with their bodies in the human society. The body or the life itself is the devil’s hostage.
The devil’s performance acts directly on the human consciousness. Human beings unconsciously work as the devil’s puppets. They are related to other human beings. The person in front of me is not the one I know when he or she is with others. Human beings hardly ever notice that their consciousness fundamentally has different phases when they are alone and when they are with others. The interaction of the spiritual world energy always works among human beings. Once they are born with their bodies, their secret does not belong only to themselves unless they find the circuit connecting with their own devil and stop its function. Shady mind darkness is accurately placed in the database of the devil’s network.