The Final Knowledge (139)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 318~320)

There was a very long pause. Our connection was not broken. There was a little energy of anger at me. I saw the spot of light in the inmost recesses of the existence. That was what was called god on the Earth. The light of the origin god was its energy source.
The moment I felt so, the light was concealed. This time, the existence fell into a situation to be searched. It obviously hesitated. I felt that its data did not have a record of a human being like me. I intuited that we were equal. I did not know the other. Neither did it. Sensing that, the being that was the master on the Earth seemed to decide to break the contact. Through the fading contact, I conveyed what I was thinking.

I am coming to you

My thought seemed to reach it, and the same words echoed in my head.

“I am ready”

When I returned to the reality, my companion was unconscious and sleeping on the sofa behind the table. She had the enemy both in the fore and in the rear. Some of the beings in shin-kai (the god world) tried to use me through my companion even after the annihilation of shin-kai (the god world) like reflecting this insane ground. As if devil ridiculed me, it was tightening the net around me. The phrase, don’t wake a sleeping dog, ran within my mind many times. Every time it came across, I reminded myself that I was an evidence of the one who woke up a sleeping dog.
I was forced to learn the nature of the devil, the evil power of human beings, and ma-kyo (the world of evil hallucination) the hard way before I was awakened. Large proportion of human beings live with the belief that they have some kind of supernatural power. Many of them stumble and exhaust their own lives because of the power. Those human beings, as the ones in shin-kai (the god world) were so, seemed to think that they could use me. My brain could catch the thoughts and feelings of those. There were even people who searched me for how much money I had and how much of it they could steal. It has been like that since I was a child. I could read data in the darkness of human mind. However, because I could read mind, I had nothing to gain. My consciousness was dragged into the darkness and started evil simulation. In my case, unless I pursued this evil simulation, it never ended. Human beings have no limit to be evil or cruel. In the imagination, they can be a devil among devils, an angel among angels, or anything. Or, it is human beings that can even create those.