The Final Knowledge (140)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 320~322)

This evil energy in the darkness of human mind tend to be radiated outward more strongly when the person’s lust is in crisis. That is money, authority, and sex. The simulation never ends. The endlessness ends when the thought that it is silly fills the consciousness. First, I thought that the dark evil thoughts and feelings were only within me. However, I found the difference between the simulation created by my inner evilness and the one created by the energy sent from the darkness of other people’s mind. Mind energy is transmitted. Though it was weary enough to simulate my own inner evilness, it was rather ludicrous of me to bother to simulate others’ darkness.
To live as a human being, I needed to change this nature that I reacted to every single darkness. I decided to see light in people. I could neutralize negative energy by simulating the energy of light side as well as dark side.
I did not do so consciously. But I did so to live. Soon, I realized that my inner darkness was disappearing. That was a change which was brought by finding every connection between my own problems caused by my inner darkness and the ones around me and by realizing my weakness causing those problems. There was a clear causality. It was myself that I had learn first. You must reap what you have sown.
I decided to assume it. Continuing to observe darkness enabled me to distinguish clearly between self-derived darkness and one flown in from others. I have been able to realize what I could not have distinguished without simulation instantaneously. Taking an even closer look, I found differences in darkness that I thought was mine. Even my knowledge of dark side of the human history was emitting dark energy.
The record of Auschwitz that I read when I was a boy. The tradition of inferno of atomic bombing in Ota River, where I swam in summer, and the memory that I could not sleep for a week after visiting the peace memorial museum in Hiroshima, where I lived because of my father’s job transfer. I found out that there was a system which could recreate human energy, such as anger, hatred, and curse, in the brain. That was, on the other hand, the same system that the human brain could revive the spirituality of literature, paintings, and music. It was the devil that knew about this human brain system and used it.
The human brain can easily remake the fact by their instinct of self-preservation. They make a simple problem that they are wrong into that they are not wrong. They start to make a story endlessly that they are not wrong. Their simulation goes on. Many human beings have lived in the times and the society in which they develop the thought pattern that they were not wrong since they were children. I call it evil circuit. If the vicious use this circuit, the devil will immediately be created in a human being. Unless the circuit is lost, the devil can stay living in a human being.