The Final Knowledge (146)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 332~334)

I put in a little correction here. And, I change the names of chakras to the ones corresponding to the parts of the human body. And, I add it as the knowledge that all chakras are closely associated with the nervous systems, the conscious systems, and the corresponding brain functions. They are also deeply related to the biological evolution.
In my knowledge, the first chakra is the sacrum. This corresponds to tails of other animals. Animals with tails, including dogs and cats, use them as some sort of emotional expression. The tails have functions to express brain activity.
The second chakra is the sex organ. These first and second chakras, in terms of brain evolution, correspond to the reptile’s brain and the mammalian brain respectively. The tail contains the information system connected with a brain part storing the evolution from the reptile, and the sex organ includes the information system connected with a brain part storing the evolution as the mammal that gives birth but not lays eggs. And, because those two chakras work with each other almost inseparably, it is hard to distinguish between them.
In India, there is a knowledge that the power of origin called kundalini, as symbolized by a snake, is hidden behind the base chakra, and the snake is a form of reptile. At the same time, this energy is viewed as something sexual. The snake is always a symbol of something sexual, but it also leads to wisdom. Ancient mystics did not know that human brain had a reptile brain and it controlled the biologically fundamental homeostatic function. It was easier for them to comprehend its function by connecting the sacrum and a sexual organ.
The third one is the solar plexus chakra. The position of the physical consciousness before awakening is in this solar plexus.
The fourth one is the heart chakra. Mind is seated here. And, it is related to the thymus which is crucial for the information of the body’s immune system.
The fifth one is the throat chakra. Ki as energy is seated here. And also kotodama (soul of the words) and otodama (soul of the sounds) are positioned here.
The sixth one is the brow chakra. Human consciousness is seated here. It corresponds to the function of a frontal lobe.
The seventh one is the crown chakra. Light consciousness is seated here. It is a screen or a celestial sphere of the spiritual universe where human being’s consciousness reflects. However, light existing here belongs to human being’s master god or deities.
The description so far should tell a secret of kundalini yoga or tantrism which allows the origin power of the snake to arouse and to be used.
And also, why it is dangerous.