The Final Knowledge (141)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 322~323)

This means that human beings must not fight against the devil as described in Akebono (dawn) light communication. As long as human beings live based on the principle that they are not wrong, the human body, especially their brain, is under the control of ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). It is just madness of shallow human beings to think that they can beat the devil with the faith. To shift their worship of faith to the devil. That is the devil’s aim.
The devil is always waiting at the light entrance to the consciousness. The devil can stay with light as it is described in Akebono (dawn) light communication. With a hint of interposition in human consciousness, the human thoughts quickly stray into the evil circuit. They begin to build an altar in their consciousness to offer others as a sacrifice. They do not feel that it is futile. So many human beings make an excuse that they need it to maintain their equilibrium.
If human beings want to fight against the devil, they have to find this evil circuit in their consciousness on their own and disable it. And, they also have to wake their consciousness not only in the brain but also throughout the body, and have to own the sensor to distinguish their own dark thoughts and feelings from others’. Then, their body has to learn how to eliminate the energy created from those kinds of darkness, or the energy sauce of diabolic thoughts and feelings, out of their body. And, it is possible. I was warned by my master existence many times after I was made to awaken by light.

“Do not start from the body
Do not focus on the body
If you start from the body
the evilness will out
If the body awakens
without a preparation of light consciousness
the whole being will become evil”
said my master existence.