The Final Knowledge (138)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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Shin-kai (the god world) disappeared. Some have gone into light and others that had been determined to continue to exist descended into human beings. Even god or deities, if they lose light, would become evil. That made a phase of the spiritual world. That was ma-kai (the evil world). The Earth is the physical world which is fundamentally under the control of ma-ou (the ruler of ancient light and darkness). In this shin-gyo (god work), I have seen that even the beings existing in the area called shin-kai (the god world) were only the coalescence between light and darkness. If the light was lost, the darkness would turn into ma (evil). Something was wrong with space and time which was called this ground where my companion and I were traveling. That was “the mad ground”. And the role of my companion, who were set by the Earth to guide on this ground in my shin-gyo (god work), changed. She became a guide to ma-kai (the evil world). The journey to shin-kai (the god world) was to rise. The journey to ma-kai (the evil world) was to descend. Dante described the descent in Divina Commedia, but it was by his imagination. My companion and I went down actually experiencing the real energy of the spiritual world. It had already begun when shin-kai (the god world) had still existed. After “Amatsutsuki” with the godhead that could create god ceded light to me, the light conscious being has gone into the light of my consciousness, but its dark part left behind on this ground. That was transformed into the evil conscious being that was called mitsuki by the beings in shin-kai (the god world). I was asked to penetrate through mitsuki.
Mitsuki was the dark side of “Amatsutsuki” that had controlled shin-kai (the god world) of the Earth over two thousand years. It was the darkness and the evil above the spiritual world, so to speak. To penetrate it meant to go down. To know was to take responsibilities. If you know the light side, you have to know its corresponding dark side. Only the ones in the human body can bear the suffering. Even with the human body, only those who have the right power to purify can endure. Unless they can think and analyze with their sound mind, they will be mired in a labyrinth.
It was before shin-kai (the god world) disappeared. When shin-kai (the god world) had light, I contacted my companion’s primary god, or the god of the ground that had placed her. There was a covenant between the celestial sky and the Earth, and I was in a position to collaborate to renew gods on the Earth. That was why I could contact. I told that existence that the program prepared by this ground could not make god come into existence. I courageously brought out the words to the existence that held god-like power.

I know that you are not god
The origin god’s light that you use
to make yourself look like god will give out soon
You know that so you called me
But I did not bring light mitama (spirit)
that you had expected
My master existence
left awakening light with me
Because I saw through
that light mitama (spirit) would only be absorbed within you
and increase your power

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