The Final Knowledge (137)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 444~445)

I was placed to prove the will to fulfill Jesus’ words, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.
I fully understood the meaning of the revelation that was the following book of the Bible, which had defined my way of life. By Jesus’ death, the reset button of the spiritual world on the earth was pressed. I knew about that. All the prophecies which belonged to god in the Old Testament had realized at that time. Then, human beings on this ground, almost all of them, did not even accept that the prophecies were fulfilled. Because they were different from what they had expected. Shallow human knowledge made up the covenant with self-serving god.
The coevals could never understand that the deity that possessed Jesus was more advanced than Moses’ god. Because they could not recognize what they saw. That was because the phases of the spiritual world were different.
If this insane ground was called this world, I did not also belong to this world. That was fine with me. Since the program that souls ascended and reached the judgment was ready, I already conquered this world.
When I took in my companion’s microcosm by the revelation, it was already decided.

I knew that I could declare with conviction.
I told my companion.

The Judgment will begin

1998 was rolling to the end.

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