The Final Knowledge (136)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 442~444)

In small things, if they believe, a spoon bends. That is because they are god’s children. The physical universe might have been born with this power. However, in the physical universe, the origin god’s story was projected on human beings who are physical life in reality and was translated into history. This story is the cross for all human beings who inherit a fragment of the origin god.
In that sense, Jesus’ crucifixion, which happened two thousand years ago, was the program to evolve the spiritual world on this earth one stage further. According to “Amatsutsuki “‘s light data that I know, the reset button of the earth was certainly pressed at the time of Jesus. Just as it was said that Jesus came to fulfill all the prophecies in the Old Testament. And, the story progressed one chapter. Next, it is the will of the god world on the earth as well as “Amatsutsuki” to fulfill not only Jesus’, but also Muhammad’s and others’ prophecies of the Judgment. The earth means this ground. The celestial sky that Jesus called is the one of “Amatsutsuki“. My master existence does not even belong to this universe. However, it declares that to be a covenant between the celestial sky and the ground. What does it mean? On that day, I thought about that again, and I realized something.
Light does not reach the inside of the dark sphere. And it is also inextricable. But, only prayer can penetrate it.
I realized that and prayed.

I give thanks to you