The Final Knowledge (135)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

(Web page 29/31)
(Book page 441~442)

After those words, the dark sphere, which I thought to be a black hole, in my sight changed. As I came near the sphere, it seemed dark clouds and the lightening-like flash struck in the clouds. Suddenly, the dark sphere began to move upward. I could see that the one in darkness was climbing upward into light. As it gained speed, the surface of the dark sphere was turning red. It also seemed to be a luminous object with the frictional heat of air. It changed into a sphere with a hint of transparence in the flame like a melted glass bulb. It stopped moving. The sphere turned into a luminescent body. The words came.

“This is the sphere of the Judgment
All the souls
will eventually get here”

I knew that my shin-gyo (god-work) entered the final phase.
I saw through it. The way to the Judgment has been programmed in the light of origin god. It is close to the image of a phoenix. The grown ones burn themselves in order to reach the next stage, to harvest stories, or to clear their impurities arising from their existence. All human beings harbor fragments of origin god within themselves. Those fragments have light. Darkness closes the light and uses it as source of energy. As they are not awake, they keep supplying the power to ma-kai (the evil world). However, if they awaken, they have to acknowledge their own sin and assume it.
When they know that human beings are god’s children, they have to live with the god’s sin as their own cross. Jesus’ words were placed on the ground for the provision to assume it or their awakening. As in the Bible, whoever tells the hill to get up and throw in the sea and does not doubt in their heart, but believes what they say will happen, it will be done for them.