The Final Knowledge (133)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 438~439)

Here, normal human beings shed light on the past history and their own inside. At least, they begin training their thought to chose to be judged. Soon, two sides, who judges and who is judged within, are created. That is fairly abstract training of thought. However, the excuse of those who manage to circumvent the net of the Judge and survive appears to be obvious. It is that, as always, I have not done anything wrong. The source of the words is the network of ma-kai (the evil world).
With that premise, I began to keep sending the message of the Judgment to my companion again.
I had already seen a change. After the barrier which had created the standpoint of making her believe that she had nothing to do with the Judgment of god whatsoever had been cleared off, the one in ma-kai (the evil world) using her overreacted to the word the Judgment. The position of the one in ma-kai (the evil world) was clear. The Judgment had not ever existed and would never do for the future. But, it reacted to the word the Judgment. It murmured. And, it asserted that the Last Judgment would be given to the human world. Its assertion was that the Judgment would straighten the human world to stabilize the spiritual world on the ground. That appeared as a comparison to other people in her human counter.
She said that she had not done anything wrong compared to those who had covered up their iniquitousness in their mind.
One day, I was made to see a vision. A black hole formed by the spiritual world of the Earth came into view. A clear explanation began.