The Final Knowledge (148)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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Next is a chakra in the chest. I call it the seat of mind. It can also be called the seat of soul in a sense. Some mystics and visionaries have found another person of a thumb size living in the heart. This another person holds the reason why the person is given life. The way I would put it is that it is a personality that should be a main character living a story called life.
That is the one knowing what the person has to learn in life, and what she or he has to accomplish after learning. Or, the one that has a map for it. In the time of life, a human being journeys in the microcosm which is defined by another self who is assumed to be in the heart.
There are seven chakras. This heart chakra is in the middle. There are three above it and three below. Ordinary people think, see and feel from the seat of mind. And, mind is a mirror. The mirror chooses what is suitable for their own stories and projects it on the microcosm which is the body. It is another self living in the heart that determines the feature of this mirror. Quite unconsciously, they live the story of lifetime as reality. It could be said that ordinary people live in the seat of mind.
Mind defines reality. And also, it is the place to receive and generate love.
To put it mystically, a human soul is incarnated by love, awakes, and rises toward the next stage. The heart chakra is the origin. It could be the starting point of a human self.
This small person living in the heart journeys upward. The throat chakra is the seat of ki (life energy). It is said to be related to higher human creativity, but the creativity involves physical control. Oriental training intensively focuses on breathing. Because it is known that focusing on breathing makes it possible to consciously control the unconsciously linking physical information system to survive. That makes us know that the throat chakra, the seat of ki (life energy), corresponds to a lower chakra in the abdomen, the solar plexus. Controlling breathing and creating the stability of mind could have a conscious influence on the solar plexus which is deeply involved in physical homeostasis.
And there is a chakra in the forehead. The chakra corresponding to the frontal lobe of the brain is the seat for human intellection, such as logicality and ideal. It is the seat for awakened consciousness. Revealing human mind from this awakened consciousness, the cognition covers up to the second chakra, which is located in the sex organ. Freud’s psychoanalysis is to reveal mind with human conscious power in the brow chakra. Sex is a leading part there. And, death and the urge to destruction as a matching concept are turned into objects of mind analysis which is claimed to be scientific.