The Final Knowledge (147)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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According to my knowledge, the energy which is said to be in the sacrum, by integrating it with the energy in the sex organ, awakens male instinct of power game played out by monkeys. Female instinct is to bear the boss’s child and become a mother of a next boss. Human beings are god’s children and also apes’ descendants. This animal behavioral principle, which is to control and spread their own sperms, differs little from the male behavioral principle in the human society. And, chimpanzees, which are more human-like anthropoid apes, have a culture of bloodletting. Chimpanzees have a social structure with masculine principle and a culture of rape and bloodshed is reported here. On the other hand, anthropoid apes called bonobos, or pygmy chimpanzees, have a social structure with feminine principle and the groups are sexually related. In other words, they have a culture that sex is a means of maintaining amicable relation. Without psychologists’ indication, human beings also have developed a culture liking destruction and bloodshed under a sexually-repressed culture. When sexual liberation is considered from the viewpoint of the liberation of feminine principle, human beings could be in transition from a chimpanzee-like culture to a bonobo-like one.
In addition, the human body has one key to unlock the existence form of ancient deities.
Some types of deities claim human life as sacrifice, and others require human sexual service.
Among not only Indian deities but also ancient Mediterranean civilization, sexual service, or temple prostitution, was a common practice. Deities like human sex. This comes from a special function in the human chakra. When lower three chakras awake, the human body functions as a kind of light generator of the energy of the spiritual world. With physically high level of sexual ecstasy, the solar plexus chakra extending towards the back side of the abdomen responds.
If it is possible to closely observe the condition of this high level of physical response, it will be seen that a mass of energy called joy, to which the first and the second chakras respond, produces a kind of explosion after reaching a field of the solar plexus and spreads throughout the body. At this time, the entire body becomes filled with some sort of light. I will just say it is close to the light of the origin god. Deities can use the light as source of energy.
The goal of Tantra is to establish a unity with god through sharing divine ecstasy with human beings by deities’ possessing human bodies. In summary, it is a method to prepare right bodies to be a vessel of deities. In an artificially changed use of Tantra, such as Shingon-tachikawa-ryu in Japan, the secret of this energy is used to accomplish their own desires. However, light of ecstasy transforms into dark energy of envy, possessiveness, resentment and ill feeling only with intervention of personal incitement. They fall into yasha (Yaksha) as it is known in Japan. That indicates they go to hell with the other side. Because this type of energy is strong enough even for the deities to use, it can easily make human desires to come true or curse others to death if it turns into darkness.
Fundamentally, the goal of Tantra was different but to get closer to the deities by something of feminine principle or derived from the human body. This is my supplementary explanation of not human but divine knowledge.
In Tantra, first, a female body, which projects Vishnu’s love, a godship like the savior in India, to the human world, is guided to awaken to light of ecstasy. The woman who awakens to have a body of female god, but not a human body, is assumed to be able to guide a man who physically contacts her to the light of the deities through the female godship. Naturally, a leading part is not the man but the woman. Their ecstasy has differences in energy. This is tend to be negatively called an evil heresy in the ascetic culture of the envious masculine principle, but if it is known rightly, high potential of the human body will be realized.
In the process of extracting the sword penetrating my vertebra, the above knowledge surfaced to my consciousness one after another. I could know what I had not known. Thus, lower three chakras came to my consciousness. There are a elemental data system and a consciousness system of the body, which human beings have called subconscious. The body has an information system inherent in itself.