The Final Knowledge (132)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 436~438)


In the face of the word, the Judgment, the human spirit is decisively tested whether its process for the purification has been sacred. Ultimately, they have to decide by themselves whether they stand on the side of seeking the Judgment or avoiding it. The strength of the spiritual immunity depends on the process of how to think about the Judgment.
It is declared that nobody knows and it is foretold that there is no doubt about it.
In my shin-gyo (god-work), I privately called this story universe anything-goes universe. The question is whether they stay in the endless circle while anything goes, or they want to get away from this circle of the gravitational field, but without such an explanation, only the threatening-like preamble has been placed since the time of Jesus. It is nonsensical to consider the question to be believed or not. It is as futile as to believe god or not.
When a circuit was made in my thought, my master existence told me never to believe even the words coming through the light circuit. I was told not to stop examining with my thought.

“You do not have to believe
is created to reach conviction in time”

The Last Judgment is the most metaphysical theme that has been given to human beings. It is not thought to think if it exists or not, or they believe or not. The starting point is why the Judgment is foretold.