The Final Knowledge (123)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 419~421)


I became to be able to understand and process the power of darkness which could easily control human beings as reality because I faced it, analyzed it, and kept thinking about it.
At first, I thought that only I was abnormal and the kind of energy that I sensed did not exist. It was a point of view that my mind had a problem so that my body developed depressive symptoms like a headache, as if fear could show ghosts, in order to conceal my social maladjustment. It was a standpoint that I could adapt socially if I trained my mind and made it strong. However, I noticed right away that it only made the mind barrier high and increased the accumulation of inner darkness. Human beings who have mind as a mirror do not instantly notice the hidden dark energy behind the mirror.
There are, for example, some kinds of practice to live without being affected as human wisdom, even if they have more dark energy than they can handle. It surely can build up mind that is unlikely to be influenced by external factors. On the other hand, it can bring insensitivity to mind.
Many people have thought that means to become an adult. I have thought it to be different.
Mind should be more exquisite. Consciousness should be more lucid. Highly-sensitive people might be vulnerable, but they do not have to decrease sensitivity in order not to be fragile.
There was no option such as, if the society become more friendly, in my head. Human society always involves savagery. Human beings have to live with facing human population that is called society. It has been so over the past, and it will be so in the future. Artistic geniuses are susceptible so that they can be unfortunate. On the other hand, geniuses can be fortunate because they are minority people who are born with bearing that risk. Still, they are the genius of the celestial sky because they have not intended to be born as genius.
There is no point in placing a measure of human happiness and unhappiness there. Geniuses have their own life. Even if they have suffering in their life, they have no choice as a human being to accept it or not from the beginning.
I started off with thinking what my quality was given for.
The attribute of feeling deeply sounds emotional when it is expressed with the words sensibility or delicacy. However, when it is described as knowing deeply, it is the matter in the intellectual area. If they can know, they are able to take countermeasures. Human beings are given creativity for it.