The Final Knowledge (122)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 417~419)

She would learn the world created within herself by the energy which could have been eliminated if her spirit had rightly grown. This immunity, which was against the energy of the spiritual world, was not unworkable within her. She often cried. She threw down the gauntlet to me and cried. Then her problem was pointed out by me and cried. Her eyes were swollen with crying, which drew others’ sympathy. Because it could also be used by ma-kai (the evil world), I kept telling her not to cry. Tears work effectively to purify for human mind. It is human level. Something that could not be dealt with by the power of tears to purify dwelt in her eyes and brain. For these, tears had the opposite effect. However, her tears were not caused by the mind mechanism of normal people who shed tears. Though feeling, emotion, or that kind of mind energy operated inward, the body tried to eliminate something by shedding tears autonomously.
Likewise, she often developed ear inflammation, such as otitis media and otitis externa. Here was also a rule in which her ear inflammation got worse when she realized or I pointed out that the evil energy of ma-kai (the evil world) started a new conspiracy in her brain. Her body gave off signals that the problem was right behind her eyes and ears. And she had a headache every time something happened. The headache was also a signal. In the information system of her body, the conscious beings of ma-kai (the evil world) were accurately recognized as foreign, and her body’s immune function managed to deal with.
Thus the body’s immune system has potential response abilities to the spiritual world. I also have a rash on my body or bloodshot eyes when I process a great deal of energy of the spiritual world. Even normal people show a reaction on their skin first, such as atopy or just a rash if they are sensitive to the energy of the spiritual world. Human skin has the information system that can be called an alternative brain connecting to the outside world. That sensor, without being trained to be aware, keeps responding to the energy, such as ki, nen, ju, which are radiated from human bodies.
It has already become common in medicine that the human immune mechanism is closely related to the mind and conscious being. For example, cancer is one of the cells belonging to the body, but the immune system of the healthy body keeps working to eliminate it as foreign. However, if the immune system recognizes it not as foreign but as homogeneous, the cancer can be developed. The cancer is associated with the condition of the human mind.
Depressive people are considered to be likely to get cancer in general. To my knowledge, they are susceptible to depression with accumulating dark energy within themselves if their spiritual immunity is week. The power of ma-kai (the evil world) works the best in this way. It is the power that has killed my father and it is also the power of darkness that I had kept facing for a long time. She was being used by the power. I had to awaken her. If she awakened, the spiritual immunity would be created.