The Final Knowledge (119)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

(Web page 13/31)
(Book page 411~413)


I ordered her to exit from this story. Naturally, the backlash with every ounce of her being began. It was also shin-gyo (god work). Until then, only when she had been possessed by ma-kai (the evil world), she had been my adversary. However, my enunciation of her exit made also some percentage of the normal state of her consciousness adverse to me. She felt how awful it was that I took advantage of her selfishly and let her leave. On the other hand, she also felt that she had to leave because she could not play the role rightly. Till then, she could have accepted the combat between ma-kai (the evil world) and herself, which had been between the inside and outside for her, but she was also split inside the consciousness of herself. Her external symptom was getting worse. She never left however I told her to do so, though. Inside her, an intense conflict of her exit arose. I declared.

I warned that I risk my life on shin-gyo (god work)
many times.
Since I started shin-gyo (god work), I have increased knowledge
and the power to purify, and now I am convinced that this path is right.
I know
that you are meant to inhibit my shin-gyo (god work)
by destroying yourself. However,
all of these things are just a story.
If you exit from my story,
my enemy will stop
using you.
My master existence
will never heal you
who deny me.
The only way is that this ground,
you repent.

My companion could understand what my words meant on the spot because not all her existence was possessed by ma-kai (the evil world). However, as time passed, the feeling of ma-kai (the evil world) came to her mind. She will eventually challenge me to a fight with her body and soul someday.