The Final Knowledge (131)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

(Web page 25/31)
(Book page 435~436)

At some time, I have thought about why the idealism comes to the fiction and fades off shortly while moving to reality. My own answer in the human knowledge is that what seems the human population with a shared ideal is actually nothing more than a group of people who are attracted in the common illusion of someone charismatic.
The charismatic one as the common illusion is necessary a human being. Gods are not the case. Then I consider Jesus’ Kingdom of God to be the grand common illusion which is devised to continue for a long time. I perceive the presence of god behind it as I have expected. It is the conclusion of the human knowledge that a lot of human beings may subconsciously know the existence of this god or one will. The light data of “Amatsutsuki” has shown that it not only placed this system on the ground but also closely controlled, intervened and oriented it. The spirit has evolved in this story.
However, the evil spirit that has shared the same information in light also has evolved. There is an attained point of the spiritual evolutionary factor which is arranged in Jesus’ words by “Amatsutsuki” with knowing it. That is the Last Judgment.

Nobody knows the day or hour.