The Final Knowledge (126)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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(Book page 426~431)


I talked about the prayer in Gethsemane written in the Bible.

You know that Jesus had already known
about his fate
and the agony of the Crucifixion lying ahead
Then why did Jesus say
that the sorrow in his heart is so great that it almost crushes him?
Why did Jesus who rejected even devils
share his grief and anguish with his disciples?
And why did he tell them
to keep watch with him?
Here is a human way to read it
It is thought that even though he had known his fate in advance
when he faced it
he suffered and was saddened
From knowing that even Jesus prayed
with the sorrow to death
human beings who are not able to read their fate
and just have to surrender themselves to their fate
are given courage to pray
in the face of their cruel fate
Because Jesus who prayed to the Father
saying if it is possible
take this cup of suffering from him
reflects themselves
Listen this is where the point is
Yet Jesus continued to pray
For not what I want
but what you want
Placed in a situation where people have no choice but to pray
for not what they want but what it wants
they realize that they have come a little closer to Jesus
Because there is courage that never yield to fate
Listen those who try to near to the divine knowledge
never fail to face the situation
where they pray for what it wants
but not what they want
Where you are now is
that situation
Still the situation that can not be read with a human way
is the one where his disciples fell asleep
Jesus was amazed at the disciples asleep
and reproached them and said
How is it that you were not able to keep watch
with me for even one hour?
And he told them to keep watch and pray
and taught them
that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Once more Jesus prayed and his disciples fell asleep
Gospel of Matthew and Mark tells
it was repeated three times
that Jesus prayed and his disciples fell asleep
The human way to read
does not make the slightest progress
from blindly accepting the description
that his disciples’ spirit is willing but their flesh is weak
Here is the way of divine knowledge to read it
Before that you met Jesus himself
You should know
the reason his disciples fell asleep
is attributed to the vibration in interacting between god and human beings
You have to know that you are just a person
who read Jesus’ words
only as an extension of your personality
though you have met Jesus
and know the reason his disciples fell asleep
Listen in order to relive Jesus’ suffering and despair
and his sorrow
with that small human mind
it does not need to be written
that Jesus prayed three times
and his disciples fell asleep three times
Listen I will teach you the way of divine knowledge or my method
The prayer of Gethsemane
teaches human beings the essence of prayer
Still his disciples fell asleep
They never connected with the Father
Furthermore it also teaches
even if they reach the same level as Jesus
they will be mired in the field of energy that Jesus called the sorrow to death