The Final Knowledge (118)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

(Web page 12/31)
(Book page 408~411)

One day, my master existence opened up the door to a entirely different direction. A revelation reached me.

“Everything is just a story
Your companion has her own role in the story
She is just acting it
Make her exit out of the story”

A vision followed that. It was a microcosm. I knew that it was the inside of her head. Darkness on the right, gloom on the left. Her each eyeball formed dark microcosm. Another microcosm was in the back, around what is called the brainstem in her brain. I could see dark light in the center of the microcosm. I could know that it was the light of the origin god. The unawakened, unconscious light was in the center of the closed microcosm, and words were circling around the light. There, I could see the structure which was able to continue to create stories forever. I felt that it could be the very god of the story-universe. My master existence added some explanation.

“This is the archetype of a human-being
Ancient ancient god consciousness
keeps gathering the threads of the stories
Not knowing
about the world mirroring those stories
Not noticing itself be in the mirror world”

If it is sealed off, it could be the stories made by itself. I asked what would happen if it awoke.

“If it awakes
it will read its own story
it will know itself
A god child
will be a human child”

I recognized that this brainstem and both eyeballs formed the trinity of ma-kai (the evil world). To my knowledge, the ultimate chakra is in the center of the brain. It can be called the eighth one, and it is impossible to reach it with the approach of human knowledge. It is the divine throne of the human body. In order to hide it from humans, the seventh chakra was created on top of head. Because of this, the master god seems to be located outside. Humans beings are confused. The arcanum of what has controlled humans is kept secret. Within my companion, this light of the origin god continued to cast light on the story of the structure of ma-kai (the evil world) in which she denied me as the delegate of the ground in shin-gyo (god work) with me.

Recurrence and eternity
Now, solve the mystery

I could understand the meaning well that “ma-ou” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) provided and it was said “if you were a god”. Without overcoming it, my companion and I would have to definitely perish. We would perish and be closed in the circle of recurrence.