The Final Knowledge (116)

Chapter Five

【Spiritual Immunity】

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It was obvious what was in the further abyss. It was light of the origin god. Though light of “Kunitokotachi” which was in the information of Nihon shin-kai (the Japanese god world) was gone into me, god light was left on the earth. Attempting to have me not to recognize that the light was within human-beings, Ma-kai (the evil world) created a flood of new story fields by the illusional cosmic view and dropped me into them. I could know that there must have been the same number of story variations of the ground as that of human-beings told through my companion. I fell into every single pitfall which ma-kai (the evil world) provided to me and climbed up as promised. I existed in the form as I knowingly fell and climbed up. That was to prove there was no bypass on the path in the spiritual world. That showed the rule which would never be smashed by any creativity.
Thus, I kept falling. I already succeeded in linking my companion’s microcosm and my body and consciousness to some extent. I could know about the physical information system and the brain circuit corresponding to the behavioral pattern of ma-kai (the evil world). The more I knew it, the more I felt that it was impossible for my knowledge as a human being to respond to it, though. I always stuck on which came first, the chicken or the egg. When and how would the spirit, which should be central in my companion, be made?
I kept adhering to mitama (spirit) in the program of the earth because I knew that human-beings would never be freed unless the core of the soul, which was expressed with the words, mitama (spirit) of light or mihashira (pillar) of light, or the center of microcosm, was established.
However, the earth-derived god and deities could not be its center. The central point started to waver with the interference of the energy in the spiritual world. I knew as far as the reason for it was that light of the origin god in the base of human consciousness was the archetype of energy in all the spiritual worlds and then they interacted with each other. What I spent a great deal of time to know was nothing more than the same problem.
A new god would not be born in the system made by the earth. A new core would not be created within my companion who had been brought by the earth. In other words, she was the mirror of this ground. Unless the problem on this ground was solved, the core would not be created in her. On the other hand, if her problem was solved, the insane ground would be ended. Human knowledge got bogged down here.
Divine knowledge to solve it was laid in me. Without going to the further bottom, the divine knowledge placed in me would not be revealed. I wanted to go there soon, but everything was programmed to the day or hour. The cleaning of ma-kai (the evil world). I could not descend unless I kept cleaning. It was a negative spiral. I had to accept that it was time-consuming. I had known the answer from the beginning. However, my companion was not ready to take the answer. With all my teaching, she never understood. In spite of knowing it, it was worthless for those who were not ready. Moreover, it was harmful. Why couldn’t she understand that the crucifixion of Jesus was the one for all human-beings who came on this path? It did not mean that she could not understand. She just did not want to. There was an answer to the creation of this insane ground within the human characteristics which tried to know however much she was warned about what she should not know until she became ready to take.
It was the original sin.