The Final Knowledge (143)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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(Book page 326~327)

I have come to know what the devil does using the network since some point. For example, I received the following message from a person. According to the person, someone said that I sexually harassed her on the phone in the middle of the night. She has met me only once and did not tell me her phone number, so the person who let me know about this was asked if he taught me her number or not. At that date and time, I was with a mutual acquaintance of the person who gave me the report and the one who was allegedly harassed by me. So I was cleared of suspicion, but that taught me what the devil could do.
I guess that the call was actually made. In my voice. That could be done easily. It was designed that I was cleared of suspicion because I had to learn from it. The devil also kept using energy to make me the devil’s running dog among human beings. A slight change of my way of saying and expressions made my ability evil. By that, human beings became weapons against me. There were curses on me. There were also murderous intentions. I did know all those affairs. Or I was informed about those. However, I was ordered to have a smile on my face and pretend to know nothing.
At one time, I thought of examining the limit of the devil’s knowledge and the accuracy of the information. It was a game of wits. The devil had the limit to know. The information was not always accurate. Still, I got the second notion that it was what the devil did. It was the devil’s performance to amplify a seed of negative information a thousand and a million times. It seemed to be able to create so-called the reverse of the light knowledge any second but not to have its own creativity. The devil knew the information that I verbalized but did not know what I thought in light. I could confirm that the boundary of the darkness was the limits of the devil’s performance. However, as long as I was a physical being, it was also the fact that the devil’s network was formed throughout my body.
I know, then the devil knows.
My knowing did not convey anything, but what I did using my words was noticed. Be that as it may, the problem was the devil’s network within my body.
It wasted much of the light energy only to dispose of the evil energy dwelling here. That was what I sowed, so I had to reap it. As I kept disposing of it, what arose from my own darkness decreased. And the day I felt that what had arisen from my own darkness disappeared came. The revelation reached me.