The Final Knowledge (81)

Chapter Six


(Web page 26/51)
(Book page 482~485)


My companion’s consciousness and body had a counter-force to evil consciousness which was the creation of darkness, so they started to change. She began to analyze her own state calmly. She seemed to decide to fight by herself even though she still suffered from insomnia and the fit of laughter out of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
She started to think what she was like from the psychiatric viewpoint. She asked for my opinion. I told her what I knew.

Your current state is that
you definitely suffer from major depressive disorder
As far as I know
there is no way but to sleep
To give my instance
my father committed suicide from major depressive disorder
and I also fell into depression
right after his death
It took a long time to notice
that dark energy lied there
but before that
I overcame depression in my own way
My method is to think out
in order to sleep but
it is not common
You have the side of
dissociative identity disorder or schizophrenia
because of shin-gyo (god-work)
but basically you suffer depression
Now there are good medicines
From my point of view as I always say
for the consciousness and for the body
pain is the greatest enemy
If you can not think
it will be your defeat
It increases the purification power of the spirit
to ease the burden of the body
The term “I dressed him, and God healed him”
is the medical principle
If I were in your condition
I would use medicine for now