The Final Knowledge (70)

Chapter Six


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(Book page 467~468)

Human souls are in a suitable layer for their quality on the earth and live as humans. There are layers according to the levels of souls as evil souls are in a evil layer, clean souls in a clean layer. According to the layers, a view on the world, an outlook of the universe, and a sense of values are different. They are different even among family members and between lovers.
The ones that can accept the Final Knowledge are only the souls that are placed in the highest layer. It is so in order that parables of what Jesus said in the Bible realize. The word that guides to the kingdom is seed. There is no point in sowing it on rocky places. The kingdom that humans have prayed for is the world where there is righteousness of the only god and humans reward for what they have done. It is the world where it can be believed that righteous people receive reward and bad people receive retribution. That is the world where anyone knows that humans are judged by the law of the only god last.
Righteous humans have prayed that such a world comes. Prayers which have gotten through the gravitational field of the spiritual world on the earth and have reached are represented by this, thy kingdom come.
For learning, the spiritual world on the earth was given two thousand years’ grace. During that period, the Judgment was not implemented. Instead, humans sought for the Saviour again. It was religion. However, Jesus has already come.
As the Final Knowledge indicates, Jesus’ word alone could crystalize the spirit that is the Saviour of their own microcosm in their inner side. However, a lot of humans have been ruled by god, deities, and existences in ma-kai (the evil world). Human consciousness has been covered up. They were ignorant and knew nothing. Humans who did not know what they were doing could not be accused. That was because Jesus prayed so. However, humans are no longer the ones who are ruled. And they are going to know by this knowledge. The Judgment starts from the ones who come to know.
I wonder if other souls but ones in the highest layer ask for the Judgment.
It is certain that these awoken souls find out the narrow gate to escape from the state put in the cycle and reach the truth. The time that needs the shepherds is over.
Only the ones that realize that the exit is only in this knowledge can learn and participate.
Humans are the living things that seek to live with embodying god’s will.