The Final Knowledge (53)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

(Web page 35/37) (Book page 578~580)

I keep saying that humans have been released and have become free. It is not only human consciousness that has been released, though. Everything including what a human society should be, political and economic activities is also going to be free. At the beginning of my god-work, my master existence, understanding economy and politics on the earth, has told me that invisible hands of god would be surely working. That is because the market-oriented economy is the economy of common illusion. I understood that Japan would be the first one to suffer from a spiritual meltdown according to this principle. I warned the human world about it but a prophet was without honor in his hometown. In a sense of the kingdom, in the future, for example, the economy on the earth will move into invisible hands of god of light from the ones of darkness. Money which is the production from human activities centralized by blood and violence firstly as power was so. However, as power is decentralized, money also will be decentralized by human rationality. The present market-oriented economy is only a reaching point of capitalism which originates in Darwinism for better or worse. Anyone thinking about the future of the earth and the economy knows that they will not be able to enter the next era from that starting point. Human reason will be going to the direction that it will never allow those who control human consciousness under the market of common illusion to be the one to control the world economy. If it is left as it is, it will start to be ruined.
It is human creation that creates the future. Humans who have awoken righteously are able to create the economy for the new kingdom of the future.
When the reset button of human consciousness is pushed, all the human activities will enter the time of change. In that sense, the economy also has entered the area of the spiritual world. For two thousand years, the god world excluded the economy as the generator of dark energy from humans. Money has been “kegare” (impurity). It has belonged to humans. However, the vector for awakening clearly exists also in the principle of the market economy which humans created. It is this direction dwelling in the existence form of the earth that originates in one will that I call god. The reason why I am able to tell with confidence is that I got to know through thinking of all these things myself and talking with god on the basis for that. The way to seek for the only god is never in honest poverty but in all kinds of creation.