The Final Knowledge (51)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

(Web page 33/37) (Book page 576~577)

The era of Jesus. Jesus said, “O unbelieving generation”. Now is worse. So my master existence says not to believe. It says not to believe, but to think thoroughly. And it says to make my consciousness ascend not to believe but to think thoroughly.
That is because those who see but fail to see and hear but fail to hear believe only what they want to believe. It is called fanaticism. That is the power of the dark spiritual world called the insane ground which disturbed me. The kingdom set in the time beginning from now on appears by the fact that human reason and divinity find a new point of harmony beyond human thoughts. It has been prepared since the beginning of the world, but workers are needed for the kingdom to appear.
Now, everything is ready for humans to be the workers. It is the will of the celestial sky and the ground that arranged for this. The extension where the will has been connected. The existence that is before the beginning and connects to after the end. I have called it my master existence. I know the existence as the only god, and usually just call it god. I recognize it not as the Alpha and the Omega but as the existence far beyond breaking through them. On the earth until now, god has been also interaction and higher existence has appeared. However, this is the end. That is because it is the story.