The Final Knowledge (50)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

(Web page 32/37) (Book page 575~576)


The evolution of the spirit is interaction. The reason why the Pentateuch was given to humans is that the people in the time could not trust the law of human origin. Also in the law of Mesopotamia which had existed before the pentateuch, the king as an agent of god had to give the law and execute it. The authority of this world which was worth trusting was grounded only on god that was the existence above humans.
It is really mysterious, but the spirit could not evolve only with humans. Humans learned a law which god had originally used to give them, and they took over the knowledge of making a law in human roles. The god world consented that human laws belonged to humans. It is to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Giving one example such as making a law like this, humans inherited a part of god’s functions. It has ascended and evolved. In this way, humans have gotten near to god. In the process of human awakening, the mysterious sphere will decrease gradually and the time to finish learning one sphere of god will finally come. Now is the time for that. So, I say that anyone can become Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad from now on. Correctly, I say that humans living from now on can start from there. I say that they will find the very life to be the greatest training if they walk the righteous way to know light, and know darkness by descending as deep as they know light. I say that there are no words of good and evil on this path of light. I say that the words, right or not right, must not be switched to the ones, good and evil. I say that the philosophical theme if I am a hypocrite or not is a trap to fall into thoughts in circles.