The Final Knowledge (48)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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There is a rule for humans in order to stay in this kingdom, or to realize this ideal. The rule has a premise that if they know.
Humans must not exercise the power of darkness.
From now on, humans approaching shinlogy will know the true colors of these energies. If they know that, they will be able to make a part of it in themselves. They will reach there at a speed which can not be compared with the religious training in the past and the quality of the energy will be high. It is dangerous. However, they are humans. While they are immature, most of them try out what they have learned. While it works righteously, they get its reactions so that they can assume their own sin, but when it does not, these reactions do not travel to them. Like the action between the angles of incidence and reflection of light reflecting in a mirror, a slight gap makes these reactions disappear.
In fact, the power humans want is like that. There is no reaction to the power they exercise. If it has an effet, they will surely go to the length of using more power. They will live in a place called “makyo” (the world of evil hallucination). They will certainly get bigger fruit from the real life, or the physical life than humans who are heading for the kingdom for the present, though. The fight between light and darkness with using the same power will arise also among humans who get this knowledge. The story of light and darkness existing in the spiritual world on the ground will change into the one humans participate in.
There, as I was so, humans on the side of light must fight under the overwhelmingly disadvantageous condition in the human rule. It is the rule that they must not use the power of darkness.
If eye for eye and tooth for tooth, why mustn’t they exercise the same power? The answer is simple. It increases dark energy. They are allowed to use only light which means to know. When light is casted on darkness, what is sleeping there wakes up. It is activated. However, it corresponds to only the total amount of light. It moves to the place with light in time and they will be able to deal with it. That is because the energy turns into harmless data by knowing. If humans are righteously connected to the only god, they will not be given the burden they can not bear. The trial is learning that they can look back on with gratitude when overcoming it.