The Final Knowledge (47)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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I have persistently said that humans are able to make even light that they believe in, and god that they believe in. That is because they are the children of god. However, if those children make what they are not able to dispose of, they will be made to carry it. It is a rule. It is the absolute will in the spiritual world to make humans dispose of what they have made that has given them this much ability and placed them in the vector of making their spirit evolve. In other words, all the humans are being humans with the following theme given. Now, take responsibility for the story you have made as a god. Even though you say you do not know, the god that has made the story of the earth is in the heart of your soul.
That will be a small fragment of god’s consciousness. However, humans are asked to take responsibility for it. Humans are given enough ability to penetrate through the beginning point, their inner god and beyond. The words are waiting beyond the point of Big Bang.

“If the omniscient and omnipotent existence is called God, will it take
the trouble to create the physical universe which is impossible to amend
for itself ?
Will it put the story of awakening in the time of the universe flowing
only in one way?”

My master existence taught me that the physical universe is a cradle like this and the place for awakening. In the same way, my master existence told me that the kingdom is the light sphere of human consciousness which is reachable by not only knowing these things but also overcoming various kinds of real energy obstructing human awakening. It is completely left to humans what they make the kingdom be like. However, at least it is not like a group of humans which they have tried forming so far. That is because it is not on the physical ground, but it should be an ideal kingdom existing in midair.