The Final Knowledge (45)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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It is free for each human being to feel or sense that their roots of the soul to grow have Orion origin, Sirius origin, Andromeda origin, or Pleiades origin in stars spreading in space, or believe so by being told as information from somewhere with channelling. It is also free to believe that those who lived in the past on the earth transmigrate and become their roots of the soul. However, souls are meant to be the whole area of human consciousness forming a microcosm. The present theme of the humans alive now can be data of human ghosts that lived in the past or the memory from wakemitama (a child spirit) of old deities. That is the data of the most recent past in the flow of time. To know that means to go backward to the past in the spiritual world. It will turn out to lead them to the beginning point to go backward. Religious knowledge certainly put all the authority on the beginning. Even what is of human origin ranks Buddha on the top. If there had been no absolute secret in the past, human spiritual culture would not have been taking such an awakening process and the successor of Buddha must naturally have aimed at the sphere of knowledge above Buddha.
This rule of recurrence to the beginning point applies to all the religions. However, the era of the kingdom will break with this way to know the past, and open up the way to the future knowledge. In that sense, all the religions ended their roles.
The system of theology and education that religions in the past have built up only leads to the level of the past knowledge. In the story of the earth, the past two thousand years was the period when human knowledge was judged that it reached the level to be able to endure to know and was infused with the story of Jesus’ God. So, Nostradamus consciously used the words, twenty years of the Moon’s reign. The words of twenty years of the Moon’s reign also indicate that humans from now on will learn the spiritual evolution of the past two thousand years and grow in twenty years. It means that the soul that is born to be a human being knowing nothing as a child of god will be able to face the life as an awoken human child in the period of about twenty years if educated rightly. For this reason, humans have to know about the energy existing in the spiritual world.