The Final Knowledge (49)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

(Web page 31/37) (Book page 573~575)

While light and darkness are totally on the opposite sides, they always try to mix with each other. Darkness flows into light according to the principle of osmotic pressure. If the potential to purify it is made to bloom, it will be found that there is nothing more interesting that people will be absorbed in than the fight between light and darkness as human stories, as the story of life they play. Life is the very story of love, courage, and righteousness.
In terms of an interesting thing, I had seen a huge luminous body crossing the sky, or something called a UFO, long before I awoke. It was the middle of night when I was fishing at the sea. It was a considerable time before it crossed my view and disappeared. It might be called one mystic experience. However, this kind of phenomenon belongs to the human world from the viewpoint of the spiritual world. I thought about this phenomenon myself and asked my master existence about it, but only could get the answer, “Time and space are not uniform. It belongs to humans.” This included an overtone of that humans have fun with it anyway.
If human collective unconscious heads for that direction, the phenomenon corresponding to it will occur. It continues that many people will waste their efforts trying to understand what is happening. Questions also increase more and more to know further. And, if the unknown domain is known, it will increase the factors of the story. Essentially, the evolution of the spirit is what creates the enjoyment of thoughts limitlessly rather than what accompanies pain like the cross. The same principle that human children give free play to their imagination in their play works there. Humans from now on can accelerate the evolution by simulating thoroughly inside the consciousness before they put the story outside and make it history.
The battlefield between countries is already in the computer. In the same way, the battlefield between light and darkness has moved into the consciousness of each human being.