The Final Knowledge (52)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

(Web page 34/37) (Book page 577~578)

For the end of this story, I will tell of what the only god that I know is as far as I am allowed.
God never does the same thing again. The existence like me will never be sent again. Unless I make a mistake, I will show the path of light to humans, complete my role as a conscious being with physical death and leave. I will leave only the path of knowledge in light and go far away into light. That is complete disappearance. I have already decided that I will leave as few physical traces of my life as possible, including a grave, not to impose a burden on the ground.
Humans who take over the knowledge will take over the kingdom.

In the time from now on, humans who think that I exist and what they are exists are on the extension of my telling story of the only god that Jesus existed and I exist. Light to guide humans is with them. In this way, humans who know that their bodies are the shrine do not need things such as graves or monuments. Holy energy has no longer dwelled in any places on the earth. That is because the Judgment has been done. That energy dwells in humans who are the only shrine. It dwells in only humans who have made a new covenant with the only god of their own will because humans have learned about the spiritual world.
The data left in the human society all belong to the past two thousand years. The story up to here has existed since the beginning of the world. So many prophecies have existed. Why are not prophecies from here made on the ground? Because they are not needed. Because creation is going to start and humans are released from the story decided beforehand.