The Final Knowledge (144)

Chapter Four

【Evil Legacy】

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Transmute your body

Before I had been awoken, I was instructed to learn vibrating pattern of energy, which is emitted from the body, in order to understand the energy of the spiritual world. It is the energy of the body called qi in China and Japan, or prana in India. It is related to the energy spots of the body called chakra in yoga. It can be the same in concept as the meridian in Oriental medicine. The point is that the body has exceptionally imperceptible energy flow, which has been the knowledge since ancient times.
When my body could sense it as actual energy and understand respective roles of the energy spots called chakra, I received a warning not to enter from the body. The body would lead to seven kowane (stone heart). The potential that the body has makes it possible to interact between human beings and the energy of the spiritual world.
The revelation was saying that it would reshape my body. It was trying to transmute the system of my body that had not changed even after passing light through the whole body and filling it with light. A vision was transmitted to me. There were instructions of the order and method anew to reset the spiritual-world energy spots of my whole body under control of my own physical consciousness.
The hair stick put in me seemed a sword-like object penetrating my spine from head to sacrum in the vision. The hilt of the sword was in the neck. On the opposite side, I could see another shadow of a sword with its hilt in the spine and the point in the head. It seemed to mean something. In the vision, the sword stuck from the head was pulled slowly. The other one stuck from the spine lifted at the same time. Seven-colored light sources called seven chakras were between these two swords. After moving into the head, they glowed white, or had something like succeeding explosions, and finally disappeared.
Everything moved into the head. Then, they disappeared. I found out that the process required considerable energy emission.

Many have been becoming insane.

The explanation came out. I learned that it was consistent with the knowledge of yoga not to enter from the body. Yoga has informed how dangerous it could be to awaken chakras without a right master, or a guide. That was a system which sacrificed many disciplinants. Buddha taught the starting point that ascetic practises were not needed, but that was not passed down correctly. There is no doubt that ascetic practices and trainings are the system to strengthen physical energy. However, this physical energy is nothing more than the same nature as the energy of human thoughts and feelings. Anybody who has experienced this energy knows that something disastrous will happen if the unilaterally-enhanced physical energy is released toward the consciousness. And, if it succeeds, another psychic who is extraneous to god will just be made.
Over the past two thousand years, the human knowledge of the spiritual world has been limited to that area, where human beings still do not know even this level of things. That is because human beings have been extremely dangerous existence for the order of the spiritual world in terms of their potential.
It is the devil that makes it even harder for me to understand the relation between human beings who want to know and god and deities that do not want them to know. God and deities’ interests seem to coincide with the devil’s in the human world. But they fight for their influence in the human world. Human beings are needed for both of them to maintain their existence. Especially the devil will be out of work without human beings. Or, it seems doomed to extinction.
Is it wrong that the beings in the spiritual world claim their absolut superiority to human beings? I kept thinking so.