The Final Knowledge (43)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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The dark conscious being that awakes in a wrong method and finds itself becoming conscious in a human brain never abandons its position found there. For instance, a body utters a word but the person does not remember anything after awaking from a hypnotic state, which means that the consciousness does not remember but the body has the memory in itself. ‘Something’ that utters a word in a hypnotic state with a form of divided consciousness remains in the brain action. Certainly in any human brain, light consciousness and dark consciousness share the space on relations between the face and back of the self. However, the owner of the human brain is originally the one and only consciousness of the self, or the human soul. The human brain in which the conscious sphere that should be used by the one and only soul is divided and many kinds of things become lodged will lose the continuity and sustainability of its thinking, and at the same time lose its only central axis.
In order to know the purpose of human existence which is where individuals are from and where they are going, they need the one and only point that is the starting point of the story. Out of that point, the central axis growing with the passage of time will be formed. If this central axis is lost, the human life will be purposeless. Nihilism reaching darkness will begin to appear right away. The energy of thoughts and feelings of the evil world will work to make the direction of consciousness go to the story of darkness. It is the bottom of darkness, or the entrance to the evil world that it leads to. They will be in a state of major depressive disorder in terms of psychiatry.
Even with this simple working of consciousness, the energy of the spiritual world imposes a huge load on a body in which the consciousness dwells. They will have symptoms such as a headache and an immunity disorder for certain. Humans under high continuous stress will be liable to have diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases that anybody knows. Naturally, the level of conscious action will decline and the brain circuit which takes creativity and thought will be inactive. Unused brain circuits will be shut off one after another. A person with a brain showing great ability when young gradually declines in ability by the middle age because this kind of phenomenon of unconscious lost of the axis goes with it.