The Final Knowledge (40)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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I know that all the promises have been fulfilled. The kingdom is one of them. According to Jesus’ words, when the Son of Man came, he separated them on his right and left, and said to those on his right, ‘Come, you take the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.’ That is the kingdom I mean here. In other words, it has been decided in the story that righteous humans are taking over the kingdom prepared since the creation of the world when the day or hour ends and the time of the human children comes.
In the story that has existed since the beginning of the world, by the Final Knowledge, humans are supposed to awake righteously from the time of the god’s children or the time ruled by the name of god, and shift to the time that they make the will of the only god appear on the ground by the human knowledge and its ideal as the children of humans. On the part of the human knowledge, the basic knowledge must already have been prepared so far. It is predicted that human activities contaminate the earth, destroy the environment and bring about a global change. It has already become common sense that humans are not the master of the earth. There is no reason in the arrogance of humans who think all the materials and lives as resources, and the ruling god that has brought the cause of that illusion will be the cause of human extinction. By knowing these facts from the Final Knowledge, humans will have a duty to return this earth to a genuine owner and its promised end.

The only god
commands us to return the earth to it.

This will become their life’s end of living to embody the will of the only god for the awoken human children who should take over the kingdom.
Humans only lie in the process of spiritual evolution. It is equivalent to the fact that humans live, awake and ascend into light to keep this earth where darkness meets light and humans achieve spiritual evolution functioning rightly for the next and the following generation. It can not be true that relieving the material burdun on the earth causes lowering the quality of life, because the premise that the size of a pie does not change just ignores human creativity.