The Final Knowledge (39)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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Human consciousness and body reacting when responding in such a situation, sympathizing with, believing, and participating in some teaching or something ideologic are in the layer of the same kind of pleasant feeling which is in the energy field of common illusion arising at a charismatic musician’s concert hall. It is an act of linking to the side but not to the higher sphere. Furthermore, such a collective joint illusion has repeatedly been manipulated not only in politics and religion but also in entertainment, and moreover in business and under the pretext of education, and then humans unconsciously let it use to strengthen others’ thought, their own potential ability which is their field of consciousness making the energy of the spiritual world. It might also be said to be occupied. When each person’s interest is involved there, a group of humans starts to display its strong energy for ruling. Like a group of apes, in order to get a higher position, rivalries for loyalty begin and centripetal power becomes stronger. Then, a group of humans itself begins to aim to become bigger. This is one principle of groups accompanied by human activities in all levels including either a company or a country.
The word, the kingdom, in that sense, is something to increase the energy of darkness. The only solution is that each human being supposes the concept of the kingdom in upper consciousness far beyond the principle of human groups and the energy field of common illusion and keeps thinking.
I was instructed to place the knowledge in midair because it is the only way to come near to the righteous kingdom that awoken humans think out in their own heads. The ideal of the kingdom which is the community where each human being is completely free and entirely harmonize will be possible to appear on the ground by human awakening and their will as human children. It is never impossible for humans.