The Final Knowledge (36)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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It was the will of the celestial sky and the ground which aimed to make humans know about the truth of inner god that is the beginning point in the center of human existence that have made arrangements for the day or hour spending two thousand years. That is the fact that the god that is the point of the beginning is sitting in the center of a human being with the falsehood which deceives even itself claiming to be the Creator. This is an unacceptable truth unless humans reach the scientific knowledge of Big Bang. The truth of the only god is in the connection between before the beginning point, that is the will which had motivated the beginning of the universe before Big Bang, and the universe without matter reachable by the process of making consciousness awake in this physical universe, encountering the righteous story, learning, and changing dark energy into the knowledge of light energy, which is the purpose of the existence of this physical universe. That is one line connecting the before-Big Bang and the post-physical universe. That is the only will of the only god. The existence form of god and deities that humans after Big Bang know is something forming the story based on a theme, the awakening.
The theory of Big Bang is one arrival point of the human knowledge. It has extraordinariness far beyond the description of Genesis in the Bible. I have a point of view that god is an extraordinary existence beyond the human knowledge and I know it is. And, overlapping the theory of Big Bang, the knowledge of the beginning point in Kabbalah and the knowledge in the spiritual world that Wanisaburo Deguchi said the universe began from a point, the definite divine plan of “Amatsutsuki” that let the Bible be becomes clear. It is that the very god having reigned over the earth as the Creator should awake. It exists in the center of each human being. The earth has been ruled for the last two thousand years by the existence that distort the will of righteous god and use the power and authority for their own purpose, hasn’t it? The history reflects each human being’s own soul, doesn’t it? However, even such a sinful soul has gradually been awakening, hasn’t it? There is enough knowledge for each human being to face this reality without giving a common evasion which is “It is not my fault.”, isn’t there?