The Final Knowledge (35)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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There is a fact that the reset button of the spiritual world on the earth was pressed at the era of Jesus. It can be said that my god-work was done to have this known with conviction. I know that there was Jesus’ god world. There was no Moses’ god world there, because, according to the light information from “Amatsutsuki”, all the prophecies were realized at the time of Jesus. And I declared Jesus’ prophecies realized and I am writing this book as a proof. This is again for the announcement that the reset button was pressed. The period of the kingdom starts from now on. Humans who do not know what the time of two thousand years was set for and what they have to learn can not participate in the time of the kingdom starting from now on. They will only keep themselves seized with the thought in the past. However, there will be no cycle from this point. The reason is that humans are judged. Human thought seeking the kingdom has reformed the social system and what the country should be. The earth is heading for the ideal and ideology represented in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Making mistakes again and again, such as getting lost in a labyrinth and taking a destructive way, humans are awakening on the whole. The great will works there. At the same time, that is a proof of the fact that human spirit has surely been evolving. I am made to assume the role to inform humans that their prayer makes this interaction. Humans should know that it is based on the human prayer over two thousand years to create the concept of the new kingdom from now on. Humans who prayed righteously and did righteousness in the past have sent a great gift to humans alive now. Even though they died an unnatural death at that time, their names are written in the book of life and they are coming to life again in the time of the kingdom that they had prayed for. In that sense, they are promised to receive double rewards. All the promises are fulfilled.