The Final Knowledge (33)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】
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When humans have a setback in the word of religion, they can not see the progress to their awakening. It is obvious that the whole earth is advancing in the direction of the awakening unless humans are swayed by the parts. However, when the words of god or the spiritual world occur to them, their thought stops. That is because most humans build their own world only with what they can see and believe on the hypothesis that the spiritual world has hardly any connection with the real life. If humans accept the world that has been made invisible or that could not have been felt and rebuild their living world, that will be the recreation of the world. It has to be possible for all the humans to participate in it.
My master existence is trying to fulfill the covenant of the equality under the only god. Even the word of the only god might not be needed. It is no longer the god that humans suppose. However, that covenant has been taken over as the inheritance of “Amatsutsuki”, righteous god or deities on the earth, “ma-o” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) and other conscious beings. As a possibility, anyone can directly contact the god’s knowledge like Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. It is true equality. And in the upper air of the spiritual world, there is a way led to infinite creativity and discovery. This is also a possibility but anyone can think in the conscious area in which Einstein thought. Most humans are consciously active in only less than half of their potential. The spiritual energy field which is the pair to the physical universe is actually the sauce of all the creation. If humans get to know about that, their concept of time and space will essentially change.
The responsibilities not only for the earth which is a sphere of physical life existence, but also for a sphere of human soul existence will arise. Human activities have deprived the earth of all things and burden it under the fanaticism that humans have been given all the rights of domination by the god. The earth environment came to the point that it can no longer bear humans. These deprival and destruction are enormous negative inheritance which humans from the next generation will assume.