The Final Knowledge (54)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

(Web page 36/37) (Book page 580~581)

All human activities have both the light side and the dark side. It is possible for anyone to learn that and work to decrease dark energy wherever they are. Humans who have awoken righteously must know that the vector which the earth itself has is the god’s will. The vector for the awakening makes the whole world move. This is what the only god is. It is ubiquitous. It always exists. There is no limit to it. Its essence is nothing. It just comes and leaves when it should. Some phase of the process came to me of a human being as the god knowledge. The god, the deities, and “ma-o” (the ruler of ancient light and darkness) that I met on the earth could not directly come in contact with the existence that I call the only god. The reason is that it exists in the law of causality but it is not the existence in the physical universe. In the earliest part of my awakening, that existence surely used the earth oriented light energy. However, as I finished learning every stage of awakening, it shifted the energy to higher one accordingly. Every time the energy was made conscious to be like god in me, I ascended to the sphere of the Judgment with that conscious being. I was directed to kill the god consciousness. That happened many times.
In this way the existence indicated it to me that god also is only a process. God, the only god, is such an existence. It is absolute reason and also nothing. However, its will is shown to those who seek it as a path of light. The state where this information of light crystalizes and is made to be conscious within those who seek for righteously is described as a word, god.
From the beginning, I have been taught that “The Final Knowledge” will be the last and the only book as its name tells. I also have been told that this book would be proved. One day, I found this book spontaneously emitting light. I asked my companion about it and she said that it began as I went on writing. Then, the words came.

“The words are god
The words are light”

You have already known that.
The words changed into the characters of the knowledge within my consciousness.