The Final Knowledge (69)

Chapter Six


(Web page 14/51)
(Book page 466~467)

“Put the knowledge in midair
Let all the humans equally
be linked to the knowledge
Those who have faith
already know the end of it
and never gather in the synagogues
Those who pray righteously
and seek for it
will reach the Final Knowledge
only those who ask for the teachings
and show the way
to only those who want a new covenant”
And the term of shinlogy was told. The terms such as psychology and psychoanalysis have existed but the term of shinlogy was not in my memory. I found that it had been saved for this. I also felt that humans will come to use this term in the process of deepening the research for the consciousness. This revelation clarified the involvement of shin knowledge (divine knowledge) which was restructured as one system in the future earth and me. Then what I should prepare for and the future role were indicated concretely. I will write down only a part of it, which is allowed to show humans.