The Final Knowledge (31)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】

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As time passed, the god’s light also began to be absorbed into human darkness. Though nothing could be done without humans, the more the god got involved in humans, the faster it sank into the bottom of darkness. The god conscious being that tried to be the presider god on this ground was also becoming one of the deities as the existence that had been involved in humans on this ground before then. Still the covenant and the prayer were left. Under the rule of the god world, this prayer stimulated higher-ranking godship to appear. Jesus’ god that took Moses’ god over was the higher-ranking existence. It is the view of the god world that the covenant with Moses was completely fulfilled by this Jesus’ appearance and his death. Even after Moses’ god became one of the deities, it fulfilled the covenant and all the responsibility to its wakemitama (a child spirit). Unfortunately, the Promised Land was Japan and the god’s name changed into Yawata, but as the god of Japanese samurai family group it virtually succeeded in giving its people the right to rule this country.
Except for how humans feel about the opinion from the human point of view, the deities’ stories are formed like this. And “Amatsutsuki” succeeding to the concept of the only god sowed the seeds to cultivate the spirit by Jesus’ words on this earth.
Jesus’ words gave humans the ideal of realizing an equal human society under the only god, or the concept of the kingdom. This kingdom was what the god and humans should make. After the knowledge of the Bible became the people’s in the Protestant Reformation by Martin Luther, this course was accelerated at a stretch. The era when it was natural to rule by the name of god was over. The knowledge was released, although it was a little dangerous at the beginning, scientists studied the earth and the universe, and ideologists began to think about the relation between humans and domination freely. That was Adam and Eve. Why were humans sent out of the Garden of Eden? Thinking about that, humans repeated motives to want to know as humans gave way to the enticement of the snake. And they tried to suppose new Eden by the human knowledge. What supported the stream of this knowledge at the bottom was the knowledge of Gnosticism sects that was considered to be heresy by the Trinity, which is a Catholic doctrine, and of different religions that succeeded to the ancient knowledge such as Pythagoreanism.