The Final Knowledge (30)

Chapter Seven
【The Story of the Kingdom】
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At least “Amatsutsuki” knew that it went through the layer of dark thoughts and feelings on this ground and reached the celestial sky that right humans prayed that your kingdom come in the right way. The name, “Amaterasu”, does not mean to light up the ground from the celestial sky, but actually means to shine on the celestial sky from the ground. The meaning of the mirror as a symbol is there. “Toyoukei” is the godship that symbolizes eternal ukehi or covenant between the celestial sky and the ground. Like this, the one that prepared this ground left the mythology that one god that was the god creator divided into three godships to play a role in the system of Nihon (Japan) as a hint to approach the theme of the only god. I understand that these god conscious beings are the things on the earth that had sent to the ground from the place called the celestial sky that used to exist, but the place for high-ranking godships in the spiritual world on this ground has been called the celestial sky in the human mythology.
It is what I know from “Amatsutsuki”‘s data that god conscious beings responding to human spiritual awakening came down to the human world each time. Therefore, for example, Moses’ god in the Old Testament warned his people not to warship other deities and images. Moses’ god knew that other deities also existed on this ground. Moses’ god also knew that even images would have a kind of power if the energy of human thoughts and feelings dwelled in them. However, the god conscious being that came down to this ground did not know the system of this ground and human darkness. The god conscious being that had the newest and the strongest energy was seized with the thought to be the presider god on the earth by making all humans his people. However, the god conscious being did not know about the distribution system, even though it tried to distribute its wakemitama (a child-spirit). If the god world was different, there was no exchange of information. Even if wakemitama (a child-spirit) could be distributed, very few humans responded and acted according to the information. Without exception, only Moses responded to Mose’s god. In that sense, it was not very different from that the deities in Egypt and Mesopotamia or dragon god in China selected oen human begin as a king. However, Moses’ god built a bridge between humans and the spiritual world with a new system of leaving the words and the covenant to Moses’ next generation. If the number of humans who responded had increased and the energy had grown, the covenant should have been fulfilled and the kingdom should have been born. It succeeded to some extent. That was David and Solomon. However, since the relationship between humans and god was a kind of mutual dependence, it did not function when either of them lost energy.